Black Cat Appreciation Day

Well in our house that is every day! But I saw this morning on Facebook that that is actually a thing! So what better reason to make Minstrel my Blip today - up basking on the worktop again, where he is most definitely not allowed to be!

The dementia nurse came today to my parents' and while my Dad did tell her the truth about the situation, he still back-tracked a bit when my Mum denied that it was the case! I guess he has to live with her! They are reassessing her medication, and also having an assessment done by social services. 

My boss has come back to work - I knew he would if at all possible! He's still having to attend the hospital every day - they didn't really want to let him out at all but he insisted! Though he's been told he will be OK to work part time, as a certain amount of activity is beneficial. There will be three of us tonight fortunately!

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