Arthur's Seat

Today was the day I decided that this is a full blown chest infection, not just the hangover from a cold. I'm going to bug the doctor if it's no better in the morning, because otherwise I'm just going round and round in circles.

Early doors, we dropped off some unwanted clothing in the banks at Seafield and continued onto Figgy Park for a quick wander in lovely sunshine. DH and M came round to pick up some keys, and then later on we wandered down to Ocean Terminal to pick up a delivery.

In the meantime, I tried to do some work, but I had limited success. It's frustrating, as there is so much I could have got done in the last two weeks if I had felt moderately ok.

Later still came news of the Barcelona attack on tourists and locals. So relieved to hear that people like Bb and Dd are ok, along with their guest.

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