A Level results day

It's been emotional!  (Though not quite as emotional as the day James got his).  Ben received his results by email at 8.00am and had not got the grades he'd hoped for and needed.  He got A*, C, C and his offer was A, A, B.   He was devastated as he's worked hard and for a long time, and was busy writing off himself, and his future, when Martin and I left him to talk over the options and walk the dog at 8.15am. 

I urged him to log onto the UCAS website and at 8.20am I received a text from him to say that he had got a place ....at Leeds....his first choice... to study Geography after all.  

'Fu***ng gone and got into Leeds!!!!' was the way he put it and the relief was overwhelming.  

I knew that Grade 8 clarinet was going to come in handy I thought and then cried!

He's gone nightclubbing in Cambridge and I suspect that he and I will not be awake the same 12 hours in the next 24 and then we're both away.  So Ben when you eventually do read this know that we couldn't be more proud of you and are so excited for the next steps to independence you are about to take, I'm sure you will love Leeds.  Love you so much. xxxxx

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