They did nt share for long

I was up early and out to the Puffin Pool with Anne. It was nt as rainy as I was expecting although more rain was falling in Dingwall. The Firth was calm and nice light shining through so I was hoping it would be the same when I got back but by then the tide was on the move and a few more grey clouds had moved in.
After Mike had a phone call we popped down to the bakers to get some lunch, the weather was quite nice again,dry anyway, and we were going down to the Point to eat it but unfortunately the car would nt start . Mike walked back up the hill to get the Land Rover and jump leads but not enough power to start the battery so it meant a drive to Inverness to get a new one,a common fault apparently.Mike changed the battery so now hopefully it will be ok.

The woodpecker is down everyday now and this cheeky little bluetit managed to get a nut before being spotted.Woodpeckers are not very good at sharing.

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