'Athena Rising'....again!

I have blipped this mural above Leeds Station a couple of times before but today we decided to test out the claim that it could be viewed from the station platform.  We had to walk to the end of Platform 8 to get far enough away from the building, and then the roof of the station is in the way of the full mural.  It might be possible to see more of it from the central platform 11 - we'll try that next time!  I did find this rather good video on the Nomad Clan website - they are the artists, which gives some great overhead shots of Leeds City as well as the development of the installation.

So a morning passed in Leeds with banking stuff done and a chat with Big Issue seller Mark outside Waterstones.  He has been in hospital a couple of times since we last saw him and now needs to work seated due to problems in his legs.  He also told us that he has had a chest infection which I guess isn't surprising, but not helped by the damp in his bedsit.  Apparently the landlord is worrying about the cost of putting it right!!!  Certainly put our 'problems' in perspective.

We had a cuppa at Pret a Manger on the station and then caught the train home.  Unexpectedly, the train stopped overlong at Saltaire and then the conductor announced that the emergency services were attending an incident on the line at Keighley and he could not say when our journey would be resumed.  More perspective....

We decided to get off and walk along the canal to Bingley where the car was parked, thankfully the showers held off and it was 45 minutes pleasantly spent.

Googling 'Athena Rising' came up with a book of the same name, with the tag line - Why men should mentor women.....  I'm saying nothing..

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