Quite choppy

Our rounds of catching up with people before we leave continue. We headed up to Elie, to have lunch with C and K. We had lunch with them there in January 2014, and they say it's the last time they've been there. We've been in the meantime, and knew all about the makeover of the Ship. We certainly enjoyed the view again from the first floor - having been given the same table we had when we were there with L and G in April - but I was a bit less impressed with the food.

Afterwards, we had a bit of a wander over to the bathing hut and back, but my blip was taken before lunch (before my camera battery expired). I'd made one good choice - to put on the 18-150 lens, but one bad choice (I'd picked up the EOSM spare battery, instead of the M6; easily done). Given I took a load of pictures of kite surfers and windsurfers on burst, that meant my battery didn't last long. This blip was taken from more or less the same place as this one. The tidal, wave and wind conditions are somewhat different.

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