Look up

If you look up, not down, in Melbourne, you are likely to be gazing through the wires of the city's extensive tram system at one or other of the colourful skyscrapers that adorn the city (not just glass and steel), many of which are still under construction. I keep thinking Australia might be quite nice when it's finished, and that seems a particularly apposite comment about Melbourne. You might also catch in the corner of your eye, some surviving remnant of 19th Century Melbourne that has been saved from the developers. In places, these are few and far between, or they are just frontages, attached to much larger buildings.

We ventured out at lunchtime, with Mr A feeling quite a bit better, for lunch at El Rincon. This was followed by a wander around the university precint, and then a further drink in Seven Seeds, which I'd visited earlier in the week with a colleague. We had to have one more drink in the hotel bar, while we waited for our room to be serviced, although in fact that didn't happen until we were back upstairs after 4pm. Mr A went down and let his displeasure be felt.... They seem a bit inefficient in this department.

It wasn't quite the weekend we'd hoped to have in Melbourne, but it was perfectly pleasant none the less, despite illnesses and painful feet. I think the latter may be subsiding a bit, or maybe I'm just managing it better.

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