Mr A was not feeling at all good this morning, so I left him in bed and went off to find some breakfast. I then wandered further afield, using the free trams within the CBD, and then walking around the marina where I found my blip. As I reached the library that is situated at the far right hand side of this photograph, I got a message from the man himself indicating he was up and about and **very hungry**. We reconvened in the centre of the city, and found some (adequate) lunch. After that, we got a tram to St Kilda, wandered around in the increasingly inclement weather - very high winds, plus some rain and even hail - before coming back here to spend another quiet evening. The bug has got him down again, so he's retired to bed, and I'm catching up with some photo editing. Canberra is now complete, and Melbourne has been opened.

I guess when you are away for nearly 8 weeks there are bound to be things that befall you. For him, it's catching a bug. For me, it's been my right leg that has misbehaved, and now my foot. It didn't stop me walking today, but at times when I stood up the pain was severe. It's quite a lot better this evening. This may be the therapeutic effects of the hotel swimming pool, which also has a very warm spa pool with bubbles. Fingers crossed for both us tomorrow!

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