By ArcLight

's empty....

The local swimming pool has been emptied, ready for renovation. I was glad to see it was surrounded by safety barriers, which will stop anyone falling in and hurting themselves. Or not, as the case may be. Well, at least they cannot complain they can't see.... This picture was obviously taken through a locked door.

The swimming pool closed last Sunday, so they've obviously made tremendous progress in that week. I haven't actually been in it for ages. I so enjoyed my much nicer swimming experiences when on holiday in Greece and Austria that I haven't been able to persuade myself to go and use the last swim on my card. Probably it will lapse now before the pool reopens, although I guess I might have a brainfart and go to the Commonwealth Pool or something ("something" being Stockbridge, I guess). My problem with the Leith Victoria pool for the last wee while is that I really didn't like the changing facilities. But I'm sure they are going to improve dramatically during the refurb. Anyway, I was shocked to see the tiles are white. I'm sure that I always thought they were blue.

As with yesterday, I more or less spent the day in the same way as last week. But not exactly, as we didn't take a walk. Instead, we went to the supermarket, and then afterwards I went, for the second time this weekend, to a bodybalance class at the council gym. And apart from that, of course, I carried on working, and now I really do have Chapter 5 sorted out, so it's just a matter of the drudgery of writing and referencing the stuff. Not sure how long that will take.

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