This photo was taken in 1979, I've photoshopped myself into it as well. It's not the best.
In 1979 I went to South Dakota to stay with my friend Dianne who I met in 1978, when she was on a programme from the States and living where I was working. I spent 6 weeks in the States before starting on my PGCE course. As part of my stay we had a fabulous road trip to the Black Hills with Sue, Marla and Kathy. In just over a week I'm going to be doing the same road trip with her and meeting up with some of these women. She has organised a great itinerary for me which includes visits to her family and new places in North Dakota. I am getting excited now as its not long off. Dianne and her husband Wayne visited us when we lived in Whalley and we all met up in Minneapolis/St Paul when Matt played in a roller hockey tournament. That was In 2002. Technology is wonderful for keeping in touch, so much better than the blue air mails we used to write!!!! I'm still not fully organised yet but I've done the admin for the airline today and that took forever. I'm on countdown to going now although I've a lovely week here before I go.

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