We've all said it

"They keep moving the goalposts", well in this case they really were moving the goalposts!
Getting set up for Abbeymead Rovers, youth football team. Don't know who they were playing but they are out there all through the winter, rain, snow, sleet, cold, whatever the weather. 

Not too busy today, mowed lawns, had some lunch, horror when I weighed myself this morning (no more cakes for me!). I did straighten up the RBLR crest that I put on wonky yesterday, used the original backing and a hair drier to soften it, peeled it off and put it on straighter.

Tomorrow looks like good weather so I'm going for a blast on the bike. I've only ridden it from the Honda dealer a week ago, that was it. About time it was taken out to limber up a bit.

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