Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Forest Fairy

After a sweat planting a new privet hedge, Mrs BB arrived home and dragged me out for a local walk. We decided on The Forge Trail which is along a disused railway line used by The Forge, which closed down many years ago after it's heyday in Machen's Industrial heritage.

I had taken a couple of 'water' photo's for the Monday mono challenge when I saw some leaves lit up by the evening sun, and took a couple of photos of it. On downloading them to my computer I seem to have captured a fairy! It's straight out of camera and untouched. I do believe in fairies!!!

Back about 1964, my dad had not long left the Royal Navy as an Officer and just bought a house in Cathays, Cardiff. One day I remember him leaving the house with my young brother whilst I stayed in the house with my mother. A minute after leaving, they came back in, and my mother asked why they were back. My dad, ashen faced, replied they'd just seen a fairy in the hedge of the front garden. My brother who was about four said what he'd seen.

My dad is as straight as they come. Doesn't believe in anything unless he sees it for himself and doesn't lie! He was a hard headed business man and made his fortune retiring about 50 after selling his shops. The expression on his face and what he said about seeing fairies has always stuck with me..........some 53 years on! 

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