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Caen Hill (Tuesday 22nd August 2017)

Work continued at home by the builder with the pathway edging and a start of the outbuilding plastering. I made two recycling trips with the trailer to get rid of rubble, hard core and stone in the morning and went off to buy cobbles in the afternoon.

On the way back, I called on the Caen Hill swans, and saw them all on the bank beside the lock and all seemed well, but while I was there a lady from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust came up to check on one of the cygnets that was showing some discomfort on one of her wings. She quickly captured the bird and removed it safely without coming to harm from the agitated parent swans. In the blip you can see her with one of the CRT staff checking her over.

When I left I asked her for the prognosis and was told that, very sadly, the wing had been damaged beyond repair, possibly in a collision with a narrowboat in the lock, and she was going to be taken to the veterinary hospital and put to sleep. She was stroking the cygnet's neck and the bird seemed very relaxed and unstressed. I hope its final hours continued as sympathetically.

22.8.2017 (2130 hr)

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A Visit To Caen Hill, 22 August 2017 (Flickr album of 19 images)

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