Well, this was an exciting night. President Trump was in town holding a rally a block away from my work office. He gave a lengthy (and seemingly off-the-script) harangue against the media, which is my profession. That sure angried up the blood in the office.

Afterward, there was a protest that somehow turned into a minor riot. "Riot" is probably the wrong word. But police were out with tear gas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades. The procession ended up in front of our office. We watched from the eighth floor corner conference room as the police blocked the street and marched toward protesters. We could see exploding flash-bangs and tear gas filling the air. A photographer for the newspaper got gassed.

It was exciting, terrifying and absolutely wild. I stayed in the office an extra half hour waiting for things to clear. I got this photo as it started to die down.

What a night. This country, huh?

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