Banged up in the nick

We had bad news today when Lennon was locked up in a cell at Gloucester Prison, crime was being a lovely boy. The photograph was taken through the viewing hole in the door which is part of the sliding hatch where things, food mostly I guess, was passed through.

The prison closed in 2013 but is open as a museum, not a cheap visit and I was a bit disappointed with the whole place being in a mess apart from a few cells that had been used to film the recent '3 Seconds' film.
Apart from the general mess, lack of maintenance and rubbish making it look like a riot had taken place it was still an interesting visit.
They could make it a lot better and even more interesting by cleaning up and highlighting some of the cells where such criminals as The Kray Twins, Fred West, etc. were housed, building a gallows where hangings took place before being abolished in 1969. 
Rather like my visit to Alcatraz where they made features of the cell(s) where Robert Stroud, the 'Birdman of Alcatraz' was held and kept his aviaries, cells used in the Clint Eastwood film 'Escape from Acatraz', etc.
I was also locked in a solitary confinement cell at Alcatraz along with about a dozen other people. It was so dark you couldn't see anyone else and even after 2 minutes there was no light for your eyes to adjust at all. A couple of people started to panic and they had to open the door.
I suggested they do something like have an old prison van (Black Maria) to shuttle people from a car park to the prison and go through the experience of being processed (without the strip search maybe!). The prison van shuttle was actually Joannes' idea and they seemed to like it.
The staff were absolutely brilliant and that is what made it a more enjoyable experience.

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