Reikes small life...

By Reike


Rather unusual picture for me... It is Windweek in Brunnen with lots of water sports happening, see pictured "blobbing". Somebody is located on the big air-pillow, on or several other persons jump on from high up and catapult the person in the air. Aim is to fly as high as possible. I think the record lies at 17m. 

I put one of my usual pics in the extra - dog staring out at the lake after swimming. 

So day went as follows: 
Sleeping long, walking the dog, doing things that need to be done but mainly things that don't really need to be done, hike along the lake with the Greek connection and go swimming in the lake, later then to the Wind week and international food festival: We started in Tibet, headed on to Chile, then came Laos, then Australia to cool our burning tongues with ginger beer, then a Swiss dessert. Yummy. 
Another walk with the dog and now trying to decide if we will sleep outside in the mountains tonight, but it is already 9pm, not sure about the weather and my back-pain... Hm.  

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