The Paper Bag

Late this afternoon I heard a tapping at the front door. As I made my way from the back of the house I spotted two young ladies with a large basket full of bags. They were two sisters to be exact. As if they knew my weakness, they were selling bags of homemade chocolate chip cookies. It's my nature to quiz such youngsters as to the purpose of their business, but they were so cute I just bought a bag.

I think the joy I found in the purchase was directly attributed to my earlier ministry venture. I had offered my musical services to the 'Save A Life Tour' in Norristown, PA earlier this afternoon, and was feeling the effects of the faces that were still ingrained in my mind. Reaching out to others always leaves a smile on my face.

So as I write this, the paper bag is patiently waiting for my attention, which will be soon, as in when I finish this sentence.

Pray on,

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