This is the box of heat pads I got on Saturday for my sore back. Each pad is claimed to give twelve hours of relief, and so far they've proved highly effective (thanks, DaveW, for the recommendation). One thing that struck me as strange with these ones is that the instructions for use make it quite clear that the pads are not to be attached to bare skin, which is different to what I remember with previous ones I've used. Still, I'm quite happy to use as directed, and even happier that they're doing the trick. One left for tomorrow, after which I hope to be fully back to normal, leppin' around and raring to go.

I actually had a bit of work to do today, but it wasn't too stressful and it was out of the way in a couple of hours. Apart from that it's been a lazy, laid-back day.

I've done some back-blipping for the weekend:
10th January: With friends like this ...
11th January: Travelling companion

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