Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


Not getting to bed until 5.00 am wasn't such a good idea, but fortunately this week's Music session was close to home. We had a terrific session, with a wide and varied range of music on offer, everyone in top form (even me, despite hangover remnants), and constant exchanges of differing opinions about the musical items. It was because of all this interplay that we didn't break up until 4.15, much later than our normal time of 3.30.

Traffic was desperately heavy for the first part of the journey in to town afterwards to pick up a gift for the 40th Birthday get-together I was going to in the evening. My original intention had been to get the present, return home, leave the car there, and get public transport back in to town to meet Carl and go on to the party. Sticking to this great plan quickly began to look like a real rush, but fortunately Carl came up with a bit of lateral thinking and suggested I continue out to his place rather than go home first, and that we go on to the party from there, leaving the car outside his door rather than mine. Good thinking, Carlman!

I'd previously arranged for Music Group friends to meet us in town, but we changed that to meeting where DART (rapid rail) meets Luas (tram) and to head over together. The logistics didn't quite work out as intended, so we were a bit later than planned getting to the birthday celebrations, which were for David, one of the guys we stayed with in Budapest in October. Being late wasn't such a big thing, since the revels went on into the wee hours anyway (we were partying in a pub which was David's local before he moved to Budapest, a pub which tends to turn a blind eye to such niceties as official closing time).

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