Beneath Biscay

By Douglian

Fine flourishes

The pipe and drum band 'Banda de Gaitas Villa de Xixón' to to the stage in the Plaza Mayor on the last day of the 26th edition of Gijón's festival of cider.

Some pretty good mallet flourishes from the tenor drummers to my inexpert eye. I grabbed some video of the band's performance, which I've uploaded here (short) and here (longer) so you can judge for yourselves.

My first multi-media Blip!

Most of the significant Asturian cider producers, maybe twenty or so  have a stand at the festival, so you can go from one to the next having a culín (swig) of cider at each.

Next week I believe there's a beer festival in Gijón. What with all the artisanal breweries that have sprung up over recent years it should be worth a visit ... in fact I feel it my duty to report :-)

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