Amstel station

Our last day in lovely Amsterdam.  We managed to get up and get down to breakfast a bit earlier today - then checked out and went to Central station to put our suitcase into a luggage locker.  I really liked Amstel station (our 'local' station where we stayed), and it was looking particularly cool with the sunlight streaming through the windows as we left today, so I snapped a few shots.  There was something about this mural, in particular, that put me in mind of Soviet-era propaganda posters.

We headed to the red light district after dropping off our luggage - we'd gone through it on our evening boat cruise last night and bits of it looked beautiful (sex shops aside), so we did the 'red light quickie' walk highlighted in my guide book.  Unfortunately Tim was feeling rather nauseous (he's blaming the prawns in his Wagamama meal last night), but he managed to hold it together.

We then went over to the Van Gogh museum, for which I'd booked tickets online, and had a quick lunch from the food stalls outside there.  Tim had rallied a bit by this time and managed a hot dog.  Then went round the museum, which was really interesting - I had't realised how little I knew about his life and career and it was really enlightening.

Next we headed back to Amsterdam Centraal, collected our luggage ad picked up some food for the train.  Had a smooth journey home, via Brussels and then the Eurostar and got back to our flat about 9pm, tired but happy :)

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