By Markus_Hediger

Along the Highway (3)

People began to systematically exploit the region of Teixeira de Freitas in the decade of 1950. Its forests were rich in hardwood. Saw-mills were built, and soon the first bar and grocery store opened its doors. When the highway finally reached Teixeira de Freitas, the small village had already developed into a small city with thriving businesses and industries. This explains why all activities at the margins of the highway are directly related to it: junkyards, truck dealerships, repair shops, truck stops, hotels, and warehouses where the trucks unload their goods that are then distributed to the businesses downtown (about 4 kilometers to the west of the BR-101).

Today’s blip shows the highway as seen from one of the many junkyards along the highway within city limits. The extra was taken from the same spot, all I had to do was turn a few degrees to the left.  The children running into the picture from the left live in this house, located about 50 yards to the left.

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