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Yellow Flowers

The weatherman on the television stated that it was the hottest day for many years for this late August Bank Holiday in the UK; I almost blipped a toadstool a sign of Autumn!
It is hot, but I think they can only go back forty-six years as this Bank Holiday was changed from the first Monday to the last Monday in August. The Bank Holiday was first implemented in 1871, so one hundred years later the  date was moved by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971; in Scotland it remains on the first Monday of August. I have a vague impression, but could be completely wrong, that it was changed so there would not be quite such a long time before another Holiday, those two in December, which it is far too early to mention! However, it is only 119 sleeps!
Today’s picture is of some more yellow flowers, there seem to be so many in my garden this year. I have no idea what they are, but I am sure someone on blip will know.
I spent the morning catching up with things, as we have a busy week ahead. One of the things I needed to do was check our pet insurance, the renewal has just come in and it has increased quite a lot. Our daughter is with another company so I did some comparisons. Because Dougal and Florence are now over ten years of age, many companies will only insure them on a twelve-month contract with the power for them to decide not to insure them the next year. I decided that we would pay the extra and stay with our current insurers. If they live to be twenty years of age, they will still be insured although of course the premiums will be high. Not as high as the vets fees might be.  
Many thanks for all the stars and hearts for yesterday’s blip of two Reeves Muntjac “rutting”.

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