Hot sun beating down

We got up in time for sunrise over Bryce Canyon, it was cool and lovely , and I'm sure one of us will blip a photo of it. Then we went for an enormous breakfast back at the hotel, and after packing up and checking out , went back to walk down into the canyon itself. It was ridiculously hot and even with drinking lots of water it was still pretty hard going. 
We were just resting in the shade when a very friendly American couple started talking to us about hiking in GB and The Alps, Dolomites, etc.
A few more minutes and John would have had him signed on to an LPH course! I took the picture while we were chatting.
 Anyway we took ages just to get to the bottom of the Canyon and then it was a long haul all the way back up. Near the top we got held up because someone had collapsed with chest pain and breathlessness, and was being attended to. I'm not surprised really. He seemed to be alright eventually, and luckily we were all ok too if a little tired. There was a bit of snoozing going on in the van on the way to Kanab where we are now, ready to go to the Grand Canyon North Rim tomorrow.

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