Capital adventures

By marchmont


Although there was quite a lot of confusion about Wednesday. Another day without a swim.

After breakfast and bath we waddled to 1Mont Kiata. This is a 20 minute+ plus walk odd done very dodgy road crossings. We saw the jets again. I got tears and stuff I'd forgotten in H&M. Over the road to visit the Thursday, for one week only transferred to Tuesday.

Late afternoon ot was off with 2 Wens to see 'Cars 3' in a very new cinema with a Kecil screen. This was for parents and children so has a play area. But not very child friendly. Bit odd really.

Then to Mr Tuk Tuk for good Thai food. There was axreal Tuk Tuk too which Olivia 'drove'.

Didn't get home till 9. There is a gecko high up on the ceiling.

Wednesday tomorrow. Glad it wasn't lost.

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