Cloud Busting

The penultimate day of our Mini adventure, the last one in the Alps. We headed down from Alpe d’Huez on a pretty high and scary road. It was one of the French balcony roads – an often narrow road cut directly into the rock face.

It was very wet today with low cloud but we decided to brave it up and over the Col de la Croix de Fer. It would normally have a beautiful view but it mainly cloud today. After four beautiful days of sun we can’t complain.

A road closed meant our route down from the Col was longer and slightly more hair raising than we’d anticipated. With one final mountain pass over the Col de la Madeleine our alpine driving was complete. Probably a good thing as most of that last drive was in low visibility through the cloud itself. A photo of our plucky little car just out of the clouds in the extras. There was one lovely break in the cloud and that’s where the blip was taken.

A quick run up to our hotel for the night, avoiding Switzerland and the need to buy a vignette. The hotel is quite unique – it straddles the French/Swiss border. Our bedroom is in Switzerland but our bathroom is in France. Annie loves a silly border - read more about this barmy place here.

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