Panorama of Bearsted Village Green

The promised fine day degenerated by lunchtime to heavy showers which sent us scurrying and soaking from the allotment with only a tiny fraction of the work done and 3/4 of the shed painted.

Just when I was thinking that the showers and rumbles of thunder that were about would make today's blip a challenge the shower that we were walking under gradually moved away, the sun came out and as we came down this hill we were presented with a full arc rainbow over the Village Green.

Now here was the challenge of the day. Use the iPhone in Pano mode or be restricted to portions of the rainbow? My new Panasonic FZ1000 has an auto pano mode but I'd bought my old FZ48 out instead because of the rain so it had to be the iPhone on this occasion.

Still, the wet afternoon enabled a large number of "just" tasks to be done by both of us, including peeling and cooking more apples, clearing out the freezer, bottling apple juice and tying up more ends for the trip to Canada and the US which begins in 9 sleeps time

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