Aurora Borealis over Greenland

Also blipped yesterday as there was no wifi last night

After an evening in Las Vegas, I had an early alarm call to fly home. Three flights, one from Vegas to Seattle, a second overnight flight from Seattle to Paris, and a third to Manchester. As we flew over Greenland, I was struggling to sleep, and opened my blind to see the view. I thought I saw high cloud, but realised as we were flying at 30,000 feet it had to be the aurora.

Squeezing past the passenger by the aisle, I got my camera down from the overhead locker, and regained my seat.I took the shot by wedging my pillow under the camera and draping my blanket over the lens to cut down reflections, then wedging the camera tightly against the plane window, I tried a 5-second exposure. When I saw the result I was amazed. It took about 20 attempts to get the half-decent one here, but what a great end to a fabulous trip. To experience a total eclipse and the aurora inside 2 weeks was fabulous. 

A great group to share the trip with, including blippers:


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