So many dead trees in the Rosehaugh Estate, and Black Isle in general. Wych Elms, that have become victims of Dutch Elm Disease.

Was up just after 4:00 this morning and left for Chanonry Point at 4:30. Saw my first sunrise in months. Dolphins eventually appeared, but were mainly just feeding, and there were few breaches. Back home before 11:00. Something to eat, wash, and cycle back for today's main photo.

Fix Manfrotto tripod's latest problem – a leg came off! Took a while to figure out how it came apart, and how to fix it. At least no parts broken this time (...I hope).

An early night tonight...

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta IV : f/9.5 : 1/250" : 75mm : ISO400

Film: Ilford XP2-Super 400 (B&W negative)

[Frame : 11]

 - sunrise behind Fort George, on the other side of the firth, by Ardersier.
 - Bottlenose Dolphins. The lighter grey ones are the youngsters.

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