I got  the bus to Newcastle this afternoon.  I was checking Facebook (as you do) when I noticed Neil had made another appeal for donations to his JustGiving page. ( He is taking part  in the Great North Run next weekend raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support ). Decided to check whether  he was near his target and saw a recent donation for £100.  Being nosy I messaged Neil and asked him who the donation was from. ( someone he plays rugby with apparently ) A few messages went back and forth and I mentioned being on the bus on my way to town.  Neil said be was also in town with Rachael - his girlfriend - and asked if I wanted to meet up for a drink.  I said " Yes "

So they met me off the bus and we went to Costa ( Neil is off the booze in preparation for the GNR). I had a cappuccino, Neil had a mango and passion fruit smoothie and Rachael had raspberry lemonade.  We had a lovely catch up - and I got my blip shot.  ( Neil had just been to the barbers 10 mins before we met up so his hair is shorter than it was in Wednesdays blip shot ).

Then I got on with my shopping and was successful in getting everything I wanted ( trousers, jacket and a purse as well as food )

After today its only 9 days till I go on holiday.  Not that I'm excited and counting down the days you understand.

Steps today - 11,315

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