Saturday Celebrations

This is our friend, Sr Zé, the presiding celebrant at the place we eat every Saturday evening, with the priest, after the Eucharist. In his 60's, he and his wife provide constant meals for folk all day every day except Monday, when they go shopping. She produces it all in a tiny kitchen; he's front of house, no other staff. Late on a Saturday night, when he's had a few too many beers, she does front of house as well, or we help out - plenty of folk are regulars and know what to do.

Tonight, a priest who grew up here joined us, and we ate sea bream, smothered in buttery garlic and coriander, with boiled potatoes, broccoli and carrots - you cannot have chips with fish here; that's for meat.

Every day we call in here and Dona Nazaré gives me all her kitchen waste for my compost - the soil is very poor on most of our land. Looking forward to the day I can present her with some vegetables grown from that compost...

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