Parading Padres

Went to the inauguration, in Évora, of the new archbishop of the Alentejo and the Algarve, Francisco José Villas-Boas Senra de Faria Coelho (phew!). Around 200 priests and bishops filed in before him, and the cathedral was jam packed with others, including the man who would be king of Portugal if they had one. We stood, sweltering in the heat, until he'd been inaugurated, but the best photo I could get inside is first extra, of him on his throne.

The main photo is after the ceremony; the new archbishop is the one on the left, and another extra with our own Padre in the procession of priests.

Lots of pomp and ceremony, and a far cry from a peasant rabbi and his fishermen followers on the shores of Lake Galilee, but then, what can you expect after thousands of years of tradition?

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