By amandoAlentejo

Burgos, Bath and Bed

A very long day. 

Mike went to Reguengos to get the additive in the car that we needed, while I watered and picked tomatoes and figs, and washed clothes (which dried), tidied and packed, and booked a hotel for the night. Then we drove over six hours to Burgos on the Spanish meseta. To be precise, Mike drove and I read aloud, The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy.

Wandered round Burgos in the dark, this is the 13th century Gothic cathedral from the other side of the Arlanzón River, see the stars? It was flippin cold - 11.5C (and windy) at midnight; bear in mind that it was high 30s when we left Mourão. And I forgot to pack any socks, so long since I've worn any.

El Cid, Burgos' most famous citizen, and his wife, are buried in the Cathedral. Hopefully, have another quick wander in the morning, but I want to stop off in San Sebastian tomorrow, so need to leave fairly early.

- all we got done before we left
- safety on the drive, and all the beauty we saw
- the bath and bed awaiting me

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