Our garden

I love our garden. It may not be the tidiest of back yards, but it's green all year round and at this time of the year, the blossom on the nectarine and apricot trees is coming out. We've never had a single fruit from either as the birds seem to enjoy them. Since we enjoy the birds, we let them have them.

I know that down at the bottom of the garden, there are a couple of nests and to my right, last year's pigeons have come back up start their new family too.

I've decided to come and sit on the deck for a while instead of breathing stuffy air inside. I'm not a negative person, but I do hate being sick! Trying to offer it up for all those who are seriously ill, unlike wimpy old me!

I am not going to school tomorrow so planned my lessons. It was exhausting and I'm not sure how good they'll be. Oh well, joy of being a teacher!

So I'm working on an attitude shift since I have no control over this silly bug. One bonus is that it's supposed to be grotty today and, as you can see, the sun has come out for us.

Mr B is disappointed that I couldn't join them for Fathers Day breakfast, or their drive out to Trentham to catch up with bro in law and his kids, but it wouldn't be fair on them to get my germs and quite frankly I just need to rest at the moment.

Night all.


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