Silly .........

 ............ Saturday48  (sils48) - happily hosted by admirer.  Thank you.

This is the latest addition to the BikerBear garden - Fred the Frog 
(I actually suspect he may be a toad so possibly Todd the Toad)!!

After Mum died I found a very large, green, glazed ceramic frog in her garden under some bushes ...... he sat by our overgrown pond but the frost got him and shattered his glaze last winter - Mum's garden was very sheltered, ours is not - so I have been looking for a "replacement" since then.

Our independant local garden centre has some slightly different stone thingies (the pesky pisky being one of them) ...... and I saw Fred/Todd about a month ago and fell in love with his smug smile.  Home he came.

He is VERY heavy and large - bigger than a big, big dinner plate - am hoping, too, that he will 'weather' as time goes on.

I know that frogs/toads jump - but when Whisper saw him for the first time he jumped too - very funny to see!!!

Thank you all so much for the comments, stars and hearts you have given my journal over the past few weeks - I am so short of time right now that I am not being a good blipbuddy and commenting back - sorry - they are always read and appreciated though.

~ Anni ~

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