A Pesky .......

 ............ Pisky.

Now, I'm not really one for gnomes and the like however I am partial to a tasteful (???) bit of old stonework dotted about the garden.  You know, the odd small stone mushroom etc. etc.

All that being said, I spotted PP (pesky pisky) in our small, local garden centre and he stole a tiny piece of my heart - not sure why except that he looks "old" (aside from his base) rather than new and smooth - bit like me really!!  
Now he lives with us  (damn, he was a heavy little chap - must be all the pasties he eats - Cornish folk will understand!).


BikerBear Hearts for:




Squatbetty  (love the name!!)


BikerBear Honourable Mentions for :






109 entries this week - thank you, everyone ...... more hard choices ......  and, it has just occured to me that as I gave away FF7 hearts yesterday, I may not have enough left to give away today - you may have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow to  receive the actual heart - sorry about that but I won't forget.

FlowerFriday21 next week (it being the 21st of the month) ....... no twist this month (to be honest I forgot with being on my travels) but I am cogitating on a subject for the first Friday in May ....

~ Anni ~

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