There's always one

The rugby seasons started today. I was expecting to referee but was taken off the game and assigned to watch a new referee to the Society. Poor chap, his first game of the season, first for the Society and had an advisor as well.

A really warm early September day that had players and referee sweating profusely, taking on water at every opportunity. It was a one sided affair with the home side running out 66-12 winners. The ref did well all things considered.

Even sides like this take the match seriously with sometimes excessive warming up before the game (not that getting warm was crucial today), but there is always someone wo wants to do something different, not joining in the pre start team huddle.

Full of optimism at the beginning of the season, first match. It lasted all of 7 minutes when the home side scored the first of 12 tries. This was the side that lost!

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