A nice relaxed start to this morning and we enjoyed breakfast in the conservatory and watched the birds.  I then went on to do my roast dinner - roast is one of my favourites.  Then we watched the race. It was a good race with lots of scraps going on but must say I was happy with the result.

After the race cleared up the dinner things and wondered what to blip.  The last couple of days we have been hunting for filters for the cameras - don't  know where we have put them-  I decided that rather than waster more time I would order new ones.   Guess what -we found the other filters - well at least we have spares it we lose them again.   During our hunt we unearthed quite of lot of old watches and we probably need to do some research on them.  The one in the middle was my mothers but I never saw her wear it.  It is quite fascinating inside the case it states Fortune Filled Cold Case Made in Canada.  So time was my theme - where does the time go when you are having fun  - why does it go so slowly when we are bored or waiting for a bus?   And time rules our lives we always seem to be going from one thing to another.

Have a good day everybody- mine has been good so far

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