Trosley again

While at Trosley CP on Saturday, as well as taking pictures of the prize winners, I was checking the "permanent orienteering course posts". They were put out several years ago and we were worried some posts were missing or covered in undergrowth. It tends to be complete newcomers who go out on these type of courses.  Missing posts create a very bad impression and can put people off  orienteering for good if they think it's their fault they cant find one.
I went back to the Park today to finish checking the posts. The description for the post above is "SE edge of the vegetation". Well it might have been on the edge when it was first put out but  but now it's well and truly in the middle of the vegetation.

Of the 25 posts - one was completely missing, 2 were too difficult to find because of brambles and the one above was not where described. The other 21 were all in good condition waiting to be found,  which is better than I was expecting. 

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