Tree 11099

I noticed that 2 trees in our village are in the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Register. One is Ancient  - ie in the third and final stage of its life with a girth of 6m and one Veteran - in its second or mature stage with a girth of 4m.  The main post is the Veteran Tree no 11099 in the register. I think it looks quite ridiculous and should be pruned a bit because it completely hides the main entrance to the church.   The extras are i) a closer shot of this veteran tree showing its modest girth and and the entrance to the church plus  ii) an underneath shot of Ancient Tree 6346 - with the fence built through the middle and described in the register as :- decaying wood in the crown, holes or water pockets, hollowing branches and a hollowing trunk.  In other words in a pretty poor state really. I wonder how old it is.??
You can look up trees in your area here, assuming you are in the UK and Ireland and you can notify missing ancient trees.

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