a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Look but don't eat

Yet another early start and late finish and yet another EB.  In this case its a shot of some choccies that Cathy has left lying around in the dining room, and which I spotted in my desperation for something to take a photo of.

I was tempted, but put all of them back in the box, without eating any.

Cathy's out tonight at beginner's Bridge revision lessons with some friends, so I could have sneaked one I'm sure(!)  I'm banned from attempting to play Bridge until she feels sufficiently confident with it herself.  I've not actually expressed any interest in playing bridge but there you go, apparently its something to do with my picking these things up much more quickly than she does and being smug about it if I do.  She may have a point, and for sure no one likes a smug b****rd.

This doesn't really qualify of this week's MonoMonday theme, but as the only place I've been today is an office, I didn't really have much by way of subject material (or opportunity).  Its fair to say that the office is a necessary evil rather than the place I love.

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