By Babrecila

Vinnie the House Guest !

My daughter's dog Vinnie is staying with me this week whilst she is on holiday. The early morning walks are wearing me out, as I'm keeping to his routine and not mine. I have no garden, so I have to go out with him several times a day, and the last one is 10-30 pm. Although he is small and really no bother, he is very strong, and has yanked my arms several times, causing discomfort. I have found that he doesn't like the vacuum cleaner, motorbikes, certain cats, squirrels or letters coming through the door. He doesn't like the camera either, so I had to be quite sneaky to get this shot. He hasn't stayed more than a day with me before, and he keeps giving me quizzical looks as if he's wondering what's happened to his missus. She will be back next Monday, but when he's gone I expect I shall miss him but not the early rising !

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