I finished this project very late so I'm going with before photo. Imagine this is now a multi shelf CD cabinet waiting to be filled with the CDs I kept when I moved.

Today I took one more trip to the other house to rescue Nora's jacket that got left there, and some last few things to take to my new house.

Helena and I went to an ice cream social at Heronwood, the small condo complex where I now live. What interesting and nice people live here. Ken, the president of the condo association started us on telling stories about ourselves. It was great to hear of the travels of four ladies to Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. The oldest lady is 92! I hope I can travel like that at 92.

H and I went back to my house and sat and chatted. Then we found a new place to eat and had dinner.

In the evening I finished making the CD cabinet. A busy and happy day.

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