Stop Licking My Ear!

The supermarket run was the first job today - stocking up the fridge and cupboard with some fresh meat and veg!

Lots of rain overnight and it continued until late morning. We then managed to get out for our walk. As we crossed the field we came across this discarded balloon face. Finlay was very inquisitive - but I don’t know who was more nervous, dog or balloon. Every time it moved in the breeze Finlay jumped. We had all the ‘tilty head’ poses and little growls.

You may notice that Finlay has his muzzle on today - I wanted to catch his reaction before he lost interest so had not taken it off. He wears it all the time when we are out as he is very nervous of other dogs and if other owners let their dogs come too close to him he snaps at them. The muzzle prevents blood being drawn. It is a greyhound muzzle and lets him open his mouth wide enough to pant. He can also drink with it on too.

Later I pad a visit to the village Post Office to despatch a couple of orders we had taken at the show over the weekend and to collect a parcel that I had had delivered there to save waiting in all day.

A marathon blip catch up session today. I think (hope) I have read all your journals now. Sadly I ran out of hearts very early on. I have my orders as to which journal to read first next time!

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