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By kendallishere

Formerly a forest

The world is on fire. Massive forest fires are burning in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, and ash is falling on Portland. Our air is now deemed "Very unhealthy," just four points short of "Hazardous." The photograph is of the windshield wiper on my car this morning. At home, my window sills are black with ash. Schools will close two hours early because the air quality is dangerous for the children, though if the children do not live in air conditioned homes (as most do not), the air quality in their homes is no healthier than in their schools. As I write this, Cristina is out searching for face masks for all of us; most places that sell them have sold out. Update: she found some; she is amazing. While driving home from Sue's house this morning, I began having difficulty breathing.

The unspeakable President of the USA has just issued another vicious order, erasing Obama's (DACA) protections of 800,000 of our children whose only home is this country. DACA does not give them anything but the right to renew their permits to be here and to work here. It does not give them citizenship. It does not give them money or privileges. It just allows them to pay to remain here. According to the oligarchy, the billionaire class now in power, this country no longer wants these children. Here are the facts regarding those called "Dreamers" because presumably the "American dream" as it once was, called to their parents (the linked article is 2 years old but the statistics are well-supported and still accurate). According to Shaun King, "The average DACA recipient is 26 & came to US at age 6; 91% are employed; 100% have no felony criminal record; they pay $500 to renew every 2 yrs ($800M)." It is clear there is no reason, other than greed and prejudice or hatred, to deport them.

There are two huge rallies scheduled in Portland today, to protest the elimination of DACA. I had hoped to attend and photograph at least one of them, however if I can't breathe, I can't make photographs. This is all heartbreaking.

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