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Cultural blip challenge: What's your hobby?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last cultural blip challenge on ‘Where would you take out of town guests?’ 
There were some really sweet images and many that would inspire us to go visit the lovely spots that were depicted.  Too many in fact to do my usual ‘roundup’ of images (and, I’m traveling in Europe with less than reliable internet connections…). I encourage you to see all the submissions by typing: #CBPOI in the search bar.
I did want to highlight one submission simply because I marveled at the engineering and process of the amazing piece of engineering that is the ‘5 Locks Rise’ near Bingley in West Yorkshire, England. These are not only the longest locks in the country but climb the steepest over a short stretch. So congrats to Jeanneb for highlighting a truly unique structure. On my bucket list now for sure!
Now on to the next cultural challenge: “What’s your hobby?”
 Hobby here can be understood in its widest sense: arts, crafts, music, sports, and probably a few other dimensions I’ve not thought of.  Essentially, we’ll be looking for anything you do for entertainment outside of your daytime job!
The challenge will run for two weeks  (Sept 9 through Sept 23) and one submission per blipper will be allowed when it’s tagged to the following two tags:
- CBHobby (Cultural Blip Hobby)
- country name
If you’d like to talk a little bit about what your hobby is and why you like it, please feel free to do so along with your posting.
Kindly separate your tags with a comma (so they do not get concatenated) and only submit during the open period stated above.
Ready? Set? Show us your hobby!
Submitted by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Photo by Alsacienne

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