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By Damnonii

Ten More Minutes...

Whatdya mean it's bedtime mum? There's still toys to be played with, chew toys to eat and telly to watch! 

10 weeks old and already Lola is trying to push her luck!

Lola is a very lucky young puppy.  A parcel was delivered addressed to her this afternoon and inside was a lovely card, treats and a wonderful Kong bone from my lovely Blip Pal Hanulli.   Thank you so much D!  Lola loves them all (see extras :-)  Put some peanut butter and apple in her Kong bone and it amused her for ages.  She loves it because she can carry it about to whichever lounging spot she fancies.

Made a slight dent in my to do list today.  It's still a mile long but hopefully a further dent shall be made tomorrow.  Also need to let Lola explore her car puppy carrier.  She's not been in it since we collected her and wasn't keen then but we have a vet visit on Thursday for her vaccinations so don't want to stress her by just putting her in it before we go.  

In other news, Alan is absolutely loving his visual timetable.  He is enjoying planning out what he wants to do the following day.  H planned today's activities yesterday evening, which included watching tv, listening to music, going out in the car in the afternoon and going our for a walk this evening.  He has gone to bed happy that he ticked off everything on the list.  Tomorrow he apparently plans on going for a haircut.  Heather who cuts his hair doesn't work on a Wednesday so I suspect that will jump to Thursday instead.  

Top of my to do list tomorrow is to take loads of photos to be converted into symbols for this purpose.  Need to have symbols that cover his specific music and tv choices, rooms in the house, Lola's stuff i.e. lead, feeding bowls, toys and loads of other stuff.  If I get that done I will be happy :-) 

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