An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Training Time...


Lola training David to sit.  It's all going well :-))

Some aspects of training going well....others not so much.  One step forward and two back.  But she's adorable so we forgive her everything :D  

Spent the day preparing for first visit to vet tomorrow.  Lola is raw fed and the majority of vets aren't keen.  Also not letting her have the new Lepto 4 vaccination.  I respect every dog owner's right to do what they think is best for their pets and I have researched and done tons of reading and spoken to owners who have had golden retrievers for over 40 years and feel I am making an informed decision.   I'm sure the vet won't agree.

Landscape gardner Bruce visited late afternoon and dropped off samples of natural stone slabs and paving for Alan's garden.  We need to make a decision by the weekend.  Based on our conversations with him he only brought two sample colours, which suits us fine.  Much easier to make a decision than it would be of he'd handed us a thick catalogue.

Lola likes Bruce.  He has a labrador and I think she could smell her.


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