Well what an eventful day!  We drove out to Malham this morning to put ten stiles in location ready to be placed over drystone walls for our Club's two day orienteering event weekend after next.

After the first group of four we took a break at the tearoom in Malham and had toasted teacakes (heavy work these stiles!) before driving up the Tarn Road to cover two more areas.  At the final stop we had to access the stiles by climbing over a gate and found a very expensive piece of camera equipment on the top of the wall.  We headed our different ways across the moor with our stiles and then discussed what to do about the equipment on our return.  Do we leave it there?  Do we take it away?  We decided to take it to the National Park Centre.  Hopefully that was the right decision and it will find its way home.

Our job done, Tony suggested a cuppa at the Farm shop tearoom at Airton, always a nice place to stop off.  When we arrived we were met by Lloyd and his colleague with clipboards.  Apparently a BBC2 Food programme was being filmed in the Farm Shop and there was a chance we may be filmed so before going in we had to sign to say that was okay.  Once in there, we were faced with four independent sweet makers and their wares which we were invited to sample - Wendy heaven!  So Scottish Tablet; Hazelnut & Cardamom Chocolate;  Cheeky Gin & Tonic Marshmallows and Raspberry Liqueur choccies later I had a bagful of goodies and we both had cameras stuck in our faces!  As we looked extremely windswept from our moor wanderings I think it highly likely we will end up on the cutting room floor, but it was fun while it lasted!

Now I'm in the shower and off to Pilates to ease those aching shoulders.
My blip is of Tony with our second stile of the day.

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