5 blipping years ...

Well today is 5 years since I started blipping :). Last year, on my 4th blip birthday, I was walking down Fulham Road with Ben to go get his residence permit and I remember it like it was yesterday. Today he'll be walking there somewhere by himself without me.

It has been a very lovely day. Starting with bible study and finishing with friends in the Plaza.

A very impromptu gathering, sitting out at the waterfront restaurants and enjoying some down time and the start to the weekend. I am truly blessed.

And blessed to have met some wonderful friends through Blipfoto. Thank you for your time and friendship and encouragement over these years! I've grown extremely fond of you all, and some more especially xxx.

P.S. Sharon was very kind to help me find a suitable prop for my blip today. We found this piñata in the bookshop and she was kind enough to set me up and take this pic. Thanks Sharon x

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